Yasminda Choate

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Candidate Details

OK House District: HD 28

Party Affiliation: Democrat






(580) 320-0355






Yasminda Choate grew up in Sasakwa, and as a mom, educator, small farmer, and life-long learner, She is committed to improving life for the rural citizens of HD28. She would like to represent our interests and values as your State Representative.

Platform Issues


It is critical that Oklahoma expand Medicaid by reclaiming federal dollars available. I urge all Oklahomans regardless of party to vote Yes on State Question 802 to expand and invigorate healthcare in our rural areas.


Public dollars, including the recent influx of federal money, should be spent to buoy Oklahoma's public schools. Faculty, staff, and administrators in the K-12 and higher education systems should be paid professional salaries commensurate with their experience and education levels. Students at all levels should have access to high-quality teaching methods and the necessary educational materials, including technology, to ensure learning.

Economic Development

Oklahoma has failed its rural areas by focusing its attention primarily on growth in the oil and gas industry. While this industry continues to be an important part of our economy, with recent record lows in prices, we also understand the critical need to diversify. Oklahoma has an obligation to support good wage jobs in manufacturing, alternate energy, and professional industries--and to ensure that this support reaches the rural parts of the state.