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2022 General Election Candidates

This 2022 Oklahoma General Election Candidate Guide was created with the Oklahoma Muslim community in mind, in order that you may have the tools and resources available to be an informed and confident voter in the November 8th General Election. This is not an exhaustive list of all candidates running, but it is comprehensive, and covers those running in districts with the highest Muslim constituencies.

We seek to encourage diversity and equity at our legislature; in both representation and in legislation. We hope you find this guide valuable as you exercise your right to vote and engage in the political process.

Additionally, you can always reach out to us directly at for guidance, support, and encouragement as we advocate together for our rights and issues that are important to all Oklahomans.

Disclaimer: All information in this guide was directly obtained from the website or social media account of the candidates. Feature of any candidate in this guide does not equal an endorsement.

Blake Aguirre

Democrat SD 22

Lori Callahan

Republican SD 30

Mariam Daly

Republican SD 40

JJ Dossett

Democrat SD 34

Jennifer Esau

Democrat SD 2

Grant Green

Republican SD 28

Carri Hicks

Democrat SD 40

Johnny Jernigan

Democrat SD 32

Julia Kirt

Democrat SD 30

John Montgomery

Republican SD 32

Dana Prieto

Republican SD 34

Karen Rackley

Democrat SD 28

Ally Seifried

Republican SD 2

Kristen Thompson

Republican SD 22