CAIR-OK Civil Rights Deparment Legal Fellowship Program

The CAIR-OK Civil Rights Department is proud to announce that applications are now open for the Omar Al-Farooq Legal Fellowship Program!

The Omar Al-Farooq Legal Fellowship Program was created to benefit law students who are interested in the protection of religious freedom and diversity in Oklahoma. This position is ideal for those who wish to gain experience in the non-profit field and who are interested in working with civil rights and human rights issues. The fellowship is open to law students or graduates from accredited law schools in the state of Oklahoma who are prepared to work in Oklahoma City for the duration of the fellowship term. The fellowship provides a stipend for up to two students who will work under the supervision of the CAIR Oklahoma Civil Rights Director for a term beginning no later than May 13, 2020, and running for a duration to be agreed upon by the Fellowship Patron, Civil Rights Director, and applicant.

The Omar Al-Farooq Legal Fellowship Program was named in honor of Omar Ibn Khattab, the second Caliph of the Muslims (second ruler of the Muslim world in succession after the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him (“ﷺ”). Before passing away, the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ gave Omar Ibn Khattab the title of “Al-Farooq,” which means “the one that can tell right from wrong.” He was praised by the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ for his uncompromising commitment to always doing the right thing even if it meant that he had to make great personal sacrifices. Omar Al-Farooq’s honesty and integrity even in the face of great personal sacrifice is an exemplar of Islamic ethical values and also an exemplar of the ethical values that a member of the legal profession should strive for. The ideal candidate for this fellowship is someone who exemplifies the spirit of Omar Al-Farooq and makes a lifelong commitment to always standing up for justice and doing the right thing no matter what the personal consequences are.

Please click here for the full application instructions.