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Internships at CAIR-OK’s office in Oklahoma City offer students and community members a great opportunity to learn, interact, and grow in a fast-paced, diverse environment.

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CAIR-OK advocates for a better understanding of Islam in Oklahoma by building bridges of understanding and respect.

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Civil Liberties

CAIR-OK fights for the rights of all Oklahomans by defending our Constitution and promoting equality and justice for all.

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Promoting Dialogue

CAIR-OK promotes dialogue by engaging in conversations with those that will partner with us for a better future.

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Woody Guthrie Center Honors Tulsa Woman Who Won Headscarf Case Against Retailer

A Tulsa woman who gained national attention when she challenged a clothing retailer after she was denied a job there for wearing a headscarf was honored Sunday for her...
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Norman Muslims: ‘We are part of the community’

Once a month, clients dining at Food and Shelter get lunch with a Middle Eastern twist. The first Friday of the month, the Islamic Society of Norman serves food provided...
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Stillwater Student’s Poem Details Vast Chasm Between ISIS and Islam

STILLWATER – When ISIS killed 130 people in a series of coordinated attacks in Paris last year, Stillwater High School student Reem Mansy was overwhelmed. She didn’t know...
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#CAIR2Vote: Everything You Need to Know to Vote on TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 8

Election Day is almost here! Are you ready to cast your ballot? Here’s everything you need to know before heading to your polling place tomorrow! Click here to confirm...
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How to Vote Early & Challenging Voter Intimidation

Have you seen CAIR-OK’s 2016 Voter Guide? Check it out here and be ready to cast your vote this November! Skip the line on Election Day – early voting starts...
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Oklahoma Lawmakers Use Their Bully-Pulpit to Demonize Muslims

Oklahoma State lawmakers approved Rep. John “Islam-is-a-cancer-in-our-nation-that-needs-to-be-cut-out” Bennett’s proposal for an “Interim study on radical Islam” on July 8...
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Our mission is to enhance the understanding of Islam, encourage dialogue, protect civil liberties, empower American Muslims, and build coalitions that promote justice and mutual understanding.

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2016 Tulsa Celebration Gala

tulsa-banquet-posterPlease join us on Nov. 11 for our 2016 Tulsa Celebration Gala featuring Nationally renowned speakers such as Linda Sarsour and Jeremy McLellan. Also featured will be local Tulsa community leaders, Aliye Shimi, Imam John Ederer, and Mana Tahaie.

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