Seeking Understanding Through A Ramadan Iftar Experience

My first reaction to the 2018 Ramadan Iftar with Oklahoma Legislators is wow! As a non-Muslim, it was a great event to experience. There was such a wide range of people in attendance, from older to younger and some even brought their children. There were people of all...

2018 Ramadan Iftar with Our Legislators

Please join us for a Ramadan Iftar with our Elected Leaders, CAIR-OK’s 4th Annual Iftar focused on encouraging American Muslim civic engagement. It will serve as a great opportunity to engage with our representatives and public officials. An event you...

2018 Ramadan Day of Service

Come join CAIR Oklahoma and the Oklahoma Muslim Community for our 2018 Ramadan Day of Service at the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma. On this day, we work alongside staff from the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma to package food for our fellow Oklahomans in need, tour...
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