Voting FAQ

Below find common questions and answers regarding voting in Oklahoma. If you have any questions, contact CAIR Oklahoma at
How do I register to vote in Oklahoma?
It’s easy. Just complete a voter registration form and send it in. Get the application here. You can also get the form at most post offices and public libraries, or you can complete one at County Election Board offices and tag agencies.
How do I change my name, address or political affiliation on my voter registration?

To make any changes to your voter registration, send in a new voter registration application. Get the application here. You may also change your address or party affiliation using the online system here.

I lost my Voter ID card. How do I get a replacement?

Request a replacement Voter ID card from the County Election Board in the county where you are registered to vote.

If I don't vote in the Primary Election, can I still vote in the General Election?

Whether you do or do not vote in a primary election has no bearing on your eligibility to vote in a general election. If you are properly registered, you are eligible to vote.

Will my ballot be counted if I don't vote every race on it? What if I leave some races blank?

Whether you vote in all races that appear on your ballot, in only some of the races, or in only one race, any vote you cast is always counted. If you prefer not to vote for a candidate or a question, you are entitled to make that choice. It will not affect the counting of your votes in any other races on your ballot.

What is the Electoral College and how does it work?

See this excellent treatment of the Electoral College from the Office of the Federal Register.

How does straight party voting work?

When you mark one of the straight party boxes, the machine will record a vote for the candidate from that party in any race where there is a candidate from that party. If you mark the straight party box but also mark the box next to a candidate from a different party lower on the ballot, the individual vote in that race will overrule the straight party choice in that race only. You will still need to mark non-partisan races such as judicial retention and any ballot questions if you want a vote counted in those races.