Wendi Stearman

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Candidate Details

OK House District: HD 11

Party Affiliation: Republican






(918) 500-5141




I’m a Constitutional Conservative. Pro-life, Pro-family, Pro-2nd Amendment. I support individual liberty and personal freedom, limited government, and the right of parents to choose where and how to raise and educate their children.

Platform Issues


Wendi Stearman believes life is precious. She believes that at every stage, unborn to the elderly, people have the right to life. This is the most basic right as a human being. I am thankful God gives us life and each one of us has a right to live.


Wendi Stearman believes families have the right to determine what is best for their children in all matters, including health and education, should be protected. "I am a mom of 6 children. I believe my authority in decisions regarding my children is of utmost importance. I will always stand for your parental rights".

Pro-2nd Amendment

Wendi Stearman believes Citizens of the United States have the right to KEEP and BEAR ARMS. "I will always support our right to possess firearms. I have always taught my children how to be responsible with guns. All of my children participate in competitive shooting sports. This has been a favorite family hobby since my childhood".


Wendi Stearman supports a free-market health care plan. I support the individual's right to refuse health insurance. I oppose nationalized medicine.