Toni Hasenbeck

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Candidate Details

OK House District: HD 65

Party Affiliation: Republican



(405) 557-7305



Toni and her husband, Hank, live in Elgin.  They have three children, Vivienne (20), William (16), and Henlea (9).  Toni and Hank attend Fletcher Methodist Church, where Hank’s family has been members since the 1950s.

Toni comes from an education and farming family.  Her father, Butch Young, is a nationally known auctioneer.  Toni graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree from OSU and earned a Master’s Degree at Cameron.

Today, Toni teaches 7th grade at Elgin Public Schools.  She previously taught at Fletcher and the Chisholm Trail Heritage Center in Duncan.

True to her roots, Toni and Hank own a cow-calf operation of their own outside of Elgin.  They are longtime members of the Oklahoma Cattleman’s Association, and Hank is Past President of the Comanche County Spring Fair and Livestock Expo

Toni understands the important role family small businesses play in our local communities.  Since 2002, Hank, a veterinarian, has operated Happy Hollow Animal Hospital in Elgin.  Toni knows what it takes to meet budgets, make payrolls, and create jobs in southwest Oklahoma.

Platform Issues

Traditional Values

The constitution is the basis for all decisions Support the right to life and traditional marriage NRA member, staunch Second Amendment supporter

Jobs and Economy

Promote pro-growth, pro-business policies that build a strong economy with good jobs Protect and promote rural schools and a first-class education system for all students Support educators with better pay, classroom discipline, and less red tape.

Public Safety

Support our Police and Fire Departments Tough crack down on criminals, especially juvenile offenders Secure the southern border—no amnesty or “sanctuary cities” for illegal aliens Promote a culture of work in society by limiting welfare, drug testing recipients and requiring internship/training programs

Agriculture and Infrastructure

Protect small-town Oklahoma, agriculture producers, and our rural way of life Invest in quality infrastructure and roads