Terry O’Donnell

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Candidate Details

OK House District: HD 23

Party Affiliation: Republican




(405) 557-7379




Terry O’Donnell and his wife, Teresa, have two daughters, Tyler and Treagan. Terry grew up in Tulsa and was a 1982 graduate of Memorial High School. Today, the O’Donnell family lives in Teresa’s hometown of Catoosa. During the last two decades, Terry served on Catoosa’s Zoning Board and Planning Commission. Teresa volunteers for the Catoosa Historical Society and the Catoosa Annual Reunion. The family attends Life Church. Terry brought change when he went to the state House and started to work for new leadership. He fought fraud and waste in state agencies and to make our government smaller and more efficient.

While in office, Terry helped uncover mismanagement in the State Departments of Health, Tourism, and Corrections. He wrote legislation to eliminate corporate welfare and cut back on unfair tax loopholes. Terry brought change, providing teachers with the largest pay raise in history, reversing an 11-year drought. He fought for and delivered a landmark increase in education spending. Terry continues to fight against corporate welfare programs and the expansion of government. He fought against taxes that hurt working families and demanded big corporations share more of the burden. Terry was the chief cosponsor of criminal justice reform, to rehabilitate non-violent drug offenders and alleviate prison costs on the taxpayers. He’s working for us!