Tamara Bryan

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Candidate Details

OK House District: HD 5

Party Affiliation: Republican










Tamara Bryan was born and raised in Oklahoma and is an active advocate for children around the state. She and her husband have four grown children and two grandchildren and have helped to raise 14 foster children. Tamara homeschooled her own children prior to serving in public education as a teacher, counselor, and now as a public school principal in her community.

In addition to creating systems that lead to academic achievement, she has led in creating schoolwide leadership programs and mentorship programs for children of incarcerated parents within the school system. She currently serves on the William B. Barnes Child Advocacy Center Board of Directors, the Children of Incarcerated Parents Advisory Council, and has also served to reduce incarceration, recidivism, and homelessness, by adding to the workforce with reentry programs. She is also a member of the Parent Partnership Panel for Oklahoma Commission for Children and Youth.

Tamara has been working on attaining a Ph.D. in Policy and Law at Liberty University in an effort to pursue prosecutions of crimes made against children, protect parental rights, and reduce nonviolent incarcerations and incarcerations targeting those stuck in poverty. Tamara has served in the Oklahoma Army National Guard as Military police. Her goal in running for office is to ensure Oklahoma individuals and families have protected freedoms to live, worship, and prosper as they see fit.