Susan Porter

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Candidate Details

OK House District: HD 99

Party Affiliation: Democrat




(405) 410-6214



Platform Issues

Economic Opportunity

Susan believes all levels of government should work together to provide the best economic opportunity to constituents. As State Representative, she will work with elected officials within House District 99 to ensure her constituents have the best opportunities available to advance economically. Susan will be an advocate for small business owners as well as work towards increasing access for those wanting to start a business.


usan knows that the only way to uplift House District 99 is by providing constituents with the best educational opportunities available. Susan will advocate for an increase in public school funding but understands the needs of her community need action now. For this reason, Susan is open to providing a vast educational opportunity for her students past public education. ​ Susan will be an advocate for higher education and trade school. As a college graduate she understands the need to help others advance in education. As State Representative Susan will advocate for financial assistance for students as well as increasing state assistance to state schools. Susan will work to incorporate skills training into the classroom.


As a healthcare professional Susan understands the importance of it. As State Representative Susan will be a voice for House District 99 and work to expand access to healthcare in our state. Susan understands health begins with prevention. Susan will work to educate and spread awareness of the health issues that most impact House District 99.