Regina Goodwin

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Candidate Details

OK Senate District: SD 11

Party Affiliation: Democrat




(405) 557-7406




Regina Goodwin is running for Senate District 11. She has served in the Oklahoma House of Representatives for the 73rd District since 2015. Goodwin believes that books should not be banned which accurately depict history, particularly Black history, which is American history, the good, bad and indifferent. She also advocates that honoring the teaching profession and supporting personnel with appreciation and good funding is fundamental. As house representative she has helped increase funding for mental health services and worked to expand mental health facilities. Aiding the establishment and renewal of various businesses and licenses, including nursing and mail shipping facilities is on-going. Repurposing vacant facilities to house persons experiencing homelessness, partnering with centers dedicated to providing shelter and permanent placement is on-going. She has successfully worked with the US Housing and Urban Development office and Ok Legal Aide to renovate a senior citizen’s housing complex and correct violations of the American Disability Act. Persons receiving life sentences are rightfully free and death sentences have been lifted due to the diligent seeking of justice. She has initiated and passed into law the banning of shackles on incarcerated women during child delivery. Voter eligibility reform for persons convicted of a felony is now law due to her efforts. More bills have been offered related to law enforcement reform, police transparency, accountability and abuse of force. The elimination of fees and fines leading to more jail time, body cams, banning choke holds and addressing the inequities of qualified immunity are some of her many on-going initiatives.