Randy Randleman

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Candidate Details

OK House District: HD 15

Party Affiliation: Republican






(918) 689-8900




Candidate Randleman does not have a Democratic opponent and will therefore serve as the next Representative for this district.

Dr. Randy Randleman has a passion for children — his children, your children, Oklahoma’s children. Some of those children are adults now, and they need Randy just as much as they did as kids.

Oklahomans need Randy at the state Capitol fighting for them on the big and little issues, fighting for education funding, tackling budget issues, making tough choices right and left. Legislation that’s good for District 15 is where Randy’s heart and vote will be.

“If it’s good for my neighbors, then it will get my vote. I’m a conservative, but if it’s good for America and if it’s good for Oklahoma, that’s what comes first,” he said. “It’s not about party and it’s not about partisanship.”
There never has been a more important time to have the expertise of a renowned child psychologist govern in the Oklahoma House of Representatives. Dr. Randleman would like to see mental health issues on the forefront of minds in Oklahoma City, and not see them as an afterthought.

“I see a lot that needs to be done in the mental health arena, in school systems, in discipline and curriculums. We need mental health clinics inside schools. We need to help teachers understand how to discipline difficult children while keeping consistency in all classrooms,” he said.

This has been Randy’s life work.

“I have worked with troubled and challenged kids for my entire life to help restore hope and find a path for success,” he said. “Helping humanity succeed is my life’s mission.”

Randy earned his associate degree at Northeastern Oklahoma A&M, his bachelor’s degree at The University of Tulsa, a master’s degree in counseling at Northeastern State University, and was certified in school psychology and psychometry at Oklahoma State University. He earned his Ph.D. at OSU in a combined program focusing on school and clinical psychology. His dissertation was on managing aggressive children in the classroom.

Randy is certified as a teacher, counselor, principal, psychometrist, school psychologist and superintendent.
As a mental health expert and foremost authority on classroom management and discipline, Randy has worked in 155 school districts and 135 head start centers across Oklahoma. Before earning his Ph.D., he coached basketball and taught biology, chemistry, accounting, anatomy and physiology in Morris. He was a psychometrist and assisted the special education director in Bixby Public Schools. He worked as a psychologist in Jenks Public Schools. Dr. Randleman helped develop an alternative education program that received national awards.

Randy may be a doctor, but he came from very humble beginnings. He can communicate in ways sorely needed in the Legislature today. Randy doesn’t meet a stranger. His friends are farmers, lawyers, teachers, and mothers and fathers of some of Oklahoma’s most troubled youth.

Randy grew up in Wilson, north of Henryetta, with two brothers and a sister. His father was the disciplinarian and his late mother was the prayer warrior.

“My mother was a great support of whatever I did. My father could do almost anything, and consequently I learned to overhaul cars, build houses, farm, ranch, run electrical wiring, you name it.”

Randy’s wife, Jennifer, a school psychologist, said Randy never is idle. In his “free” time, he’s straightening the garage, working on the all-terrain vehicle, moving dirt on a bulldozer, or teaching dance lessons.

Outdoor activities are very much a part of the Randleman lifestyle, from wakeboarding to jet skis, from golf to hunting. Once a year all of the Randlemans, including Randy’s brothers and sister, five children, three grandchildren and many others gather for a reunion on Eufaula Lake.

Randy and Jennifer also love to travel. They attend Community Culture Church where their son is pastor.