Rande Worthen

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Candidate Details

OK House District: HD 64

Party Affiliation: Republican








Rande and his wife, Janet, a registered dietician, married in 1983. They have four children, Kristen and Philip, who are pursuing higher education degrees, and Jenna and Kara, who are 14 and 13, respectively. Born and raised in Lawton, Rande’s roots run deep in this community. Rande and his family attend First Baptist Church of Lawton. Rande Worthen arrived at the state Capitol and quickly realized that the mess was worse than he thought. Rande was a leader in passing the largest teacher pay raise in state history. Rande stood firm in his support for teachers by ending corporate welfare, and ensuring that big oil companies paid their fair share.Rande will continue to make education a priority by fighting for smaller class sizes, more pay for support staff, and to make sure there is more classroom teaching and less testing.