Mark Lepak

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Candidate Details

OK House District: HD 9

Party Affiliation: Republican







Retired in 2015, Mark built a 37-year career as a telecommunications executive during an era of sweeping technology changes. He worked hard and advanced, eventually leading teams up to 800 people and budgets in excess of $60 million. Mark is adept at managing change and handling crises. He carries a lifetime of varied work experiences to the capitol, including cattle and crops on the family farm, electrical work at a potash mine, and work as both a roustabout and a roughneck for offshore drilling operations in the Gulf, all before graduating with an Engineering Physics degree. Mark’s proudest accomplishment is his strong, successful family.

He and his wife, Linda, an attorney, have been married 41 years. They raised five children, each a law school graduate with a successful career and growing families. The Lepaks all graduated from public schools, which is another reason Mark continues to support education. Mark also enjoys spending time with his ten — soon to be eleven — grandchildren. Mark’s experience on the Claremore City Council and the Moore School Board, coupled with his career in telecommunications, gives him a balanced perspective on how legislation and regulation impact our jobs, our communities, and our schools, which has served him well at the state capitol.

As our state representative, Mark has leveraged that experience into gains for Oklahoma. He knows how to do more with less, and how to gain efficiencies without sacrificing effectiveness. That’s why he took bold steps to institute regular performance audits, and to reform Oklahoma’s executive branch, making state agencies more accountable.