Juan Garcia

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Candidate Details

OK House District: HD 57

Party Affiliation: Democrat








Formerly an Assistant District Attorney and now a tribal court judge and private practice lawyer, Garcia is frustrated with the lack of Legislative action in the face of withering resources, as well as a lack of vision for local communities.

“The Legislature continues to dry up opportunities for rural Oklahomans. By cutting career tech and higher education funding, they are shifting the burden onto working families and burying students in debt. Each year they refuse to accept Medicaid expansion, they waste over a billion of our tax dollars. As a result, our hospitals are struggling, our infrastructure is falling apart, teachers are leaving for better-funded classrooms, and young people are leaving the state for more opportunity. Mary Fallin may no longer be governor, but our Legislature keeps operating like she is. We can’t keep electing status quo candidates with no vision for our local communities.”

Juan earned a history education degree from SWOSU, a law degree from Oklahoma City University, and immediately began working in the District Attorney’s office just two weeks after passing the Bar Exam. He has served the community through numerous organizations, including Clinton Public Schools Foundation, Multi-County Youth Services board, SWOSU Alumni Foundation Board of Trustees, Action Associates board, Washita/Custer Drug Court Team, Oklahoma Vocational Rehabilitation board, Western Plains Library System board, Western Oklahoma Football Club board, Board of Bar Examiners, Custer County Bar Association, and Clinton Kiwanis Club.

“My parents showed me that hard work is at the root of progress, and each day, I work to honor that legacy. I will call things as I see them, advocate for every community in the district, and work just as hard for the citizens of District 57 as we did in those cotton fields all those years ago.”

Platform Issues


Make career tech and higher education more affordable and stop burying working families in debt.


Expand access to quality, local, and affordable health care in western Oklahoma.


Fix our crumbling infrastructure and expand internet access for future generations.