Joshua Harris-Till

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Candidate Details

US Congress District: District 5

Party Affiliation: Democrat






I am Joshua Harris-Till, Democratic Candidate for Oklahoma’s Congressional District 5. I received my Political Science degree from Northeastern State University in Tahlequah, Oklahoma. I have been active in politics for over ten years, working on each level of government, from grassroots campaigns in rural Oklahoma to tribal campaigns, to the congressional office of Congressman Dan Boren, to the National President of the Young Democrats of America. All of these opportunities have prepared me to run to be the next US Congressman of the 5th District by providing insight into the needs of the people and how our current representation is neglecting those needs.

My campaign motto is “Less about DC, more about Oklahoma”; my run as a candidate is unfortunately dictated by political rhetoric rather than policy in this state. The platform I am running on, Jobs, Education, Healthcare, and Infrastructure, is essential to me because I have been or know someone impacted by these issues. Oklahomans deserve quality, good-paying jobs so they do not have to worry about which bills they will pay for the month to make ends meet. Ensuring these jobs are available in our communities will help decrease the number of young people in our state that leave when entering the workforce.

I believe in funding and increasing access to early childhood education programs to lay the groundwork for our children’s educational success. Post-secondary education should not cripple young people with debt while pursuing a trade or college degree. Affordable healthcare is a right; everyone should have access to care, lower prescription drug costs, and have autonomy over their bodies.

Lastly, Oklahomans in urban and rural areas should have good, safe roads and bridges when traveling the state and beyond. Finally, it is essential to provide opportunities for Oklahoma contractors when federal contracts are available in helping to expand our infrastructure. Legislation for each of these issues can immediately impact the lives of 5th District constituents, Oklahomans, and Americans. My goal is to secure a progressive future for all generations.

I look forward to your questions.