Jared Deck

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Candidate Details

OK House District: HD 44

Party Affiliation: Democrat










Jared Deck is an award-winning musician, business owner, and work-at-home dad. Now, he’s running for State Representative of House District 44.

While earning a BA in Music Performance at Southwestern Oklahoma State University, Jared worked at a factory to pay the bills and pursue his passion for music. However, his story took a turn when he, along with 275 coworkers, learned their jobs would be sent to overseas facilities. On that day in 2007, he realized that the systemic issues we face are very personal to those affected.

For the 15 years since, Jared has done the grassroots organizing and political advocacy work necessary to bring progressive ideas back to relevance in Oklahoma. Today, Jared is an active member of our community, working to make a tangible difference for our neighbors:

  • Moore Norman Technology Center Board of Education
  • Variety Care Health Centers Board of Directors
  • ACLU of Oklahoma Board of Directors
  • SWOSU Alumni Association Board of Directors
  • Member of Sooner Rotary Satellite Club
  • Member of Local 375-703 American Federation of Musicians (AFL-CIO)

Deck has been self-employed for 15 years, previously owning a retail cell phone dealership and was a partner in an independent insurance agency. For the past several years, he has been a full-time professional musician, touring 11 states regionally. In 2016, Jared won the Woody Guthrie Songwriting Contest and was named to Rolling Stone’s Top 10 New Artists You Need To Know.

​Jared’s partner, Jacy, is on staff at the University of Oklahoma. They’ve been married eleven years and have two children, Rachel and Jude.​

  • Former Volunteer Petition Trainer & Organizer for Yes On 802 that passed Medicaid Expansion
  • Former Executive Director of the Oklahoma Future Fund, which conducted one of the largest voter engagement, turnout, and vote-by-mail programs in Oklahoma history
  • Former Democratic Alternate Member of the Cleveland County Election Board
  • Former Secretary of the Cleveland County Democratic Party
  • Assists in organizing Norman’s annual Transgender Day of Remembrance
  • Former Upward Bound teacher and elementary school permanent substitute

House District 44 is located in core Norman. Rep. Emily Virgin, D-Norman, currently represents the district and cannot run again due to term limits.

Survey Issues

What is the role of government in protecting public health and welfare?

I believe government has a broad responsibility and duty to proactively protect the public, particularly economically and socially vulnerable communities.

What are your views on individuals being able to safely and securely access sensitive medical procedures in privacy and without interference from the state?

I support medical privacy and bodily autonomy.

What measures will you take to ensure that every Oklahoman has the chance to participate meaningfully in the democratic process?

I support automatic voter registration, ranked choice voting, weekend and evening voting hours, and legislation that guarantees voting as an absolute right.

How can we make voting more accessible to Oklahomans?

Many Oklahomans experience discrimination on the basis of race, ethnicity, religion, gender, and other factors; how would you address these problems as an elected leader?

As one of 101 representatives, I will do everything within my power to defeat discriminatory legislation and author bills that promote equity and social justice.

What measures will you take to ensure that First Amendment rights to freedom of religion, speech, protest, and press are protected from infringement?

How can our current criminal legal system be reformed to better protect the rights of all persons involved?

There should be a great emphasis on reducing the privatization of prison and prison services to ensure that private entities don’t have monetary incentives to imprison more of our community. These said entities run “business” with statistically more risk for corruption, poorer living conditions, poorer safety conditions through higher inmate to staff ratios, and more cost to our government. The risk of impartial justice just to fill these cells is too great.

What steps would you take to adjust or reform our criminal legal system?

I support sentencing-, fine-, and cash bail reforms, decriminalization of marijuana, utilization of SQ780 & 781 savings into mental health and substance abuse services, and abolishing the death penalty and private prisons.