Dyllon Fite

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Candidate Details

OK Senate District: SD 3

Party Affiliation: Democrat






(918) 822-1145




Dyllon Fite is a lifelong resident of Senate District 3, his roots run deep here, he grew up in Cookson, is a graduate of Keys High School, and is proud those roots helped form him into the servant he is today.
Dyllon is the Director of Child Nutrition for Westville Public Schools and has played an integral role in making sure that students there have been able to receive meals during the COVID-19 pandemic. He will fight for education in the State Senate because, every day, he sees how hard our teachers work and go the extra mile to help students and that our schools are more than just buildings — they are the pride of our communities.
As a Cherokee Nation citizen, Dyllon recognizes the unique role that the tribe plays the prosperity of our state. He takes extreme pride in the role his ancestors had in shaping our area and the sacrifices they made that have allowed the Cherokee people to thrive today. Dyllon is a staunch advocate for the Second Amendment. As a gun owner he believes the right to protect yourself and your family is God given and should not be infringed. He will oppose any attempt to erode your ability to own firearms.
As a product of rural Oklahoma, Dyllon understands the importance of ranching and farming to our economy and to families.  He also understands why farmers, ranchers, and rural residents feel left behind by their state government. Dyllon believes that we deserve better and has plans to help not only our ranchers and farmers but grow businesses in our small towns, meaning that there will be a place for our children to stay and grow their own families. Dyllon knows that small towns are the backbone of our great state, and his lifelong experience as a rural Oklahoman qualifies him to be an advocate for us.