David M Mason

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Candidate Details

OK Senate District: SD 19

Party Affiliation: Republican










David Mason is a fourth generation Oklahoman and resides in Enid with his wife, Melanie. Together they have five sons and one daughter-in-law. David graduated from the University of Central Oklahoma in Edmond with a Bachelor’s Degree in Secondary Education. After three years of teaching, David obtained his Masters Degree in Secondary Educational Administration.

In 2003, David’s entrepreneurial spirit ignited him to enter the business world as an insurance agent. As an agent for a large national carrier, David helped grow the markets hare and presence throughout Northwest Oklahoma. In 2008, David met his future wife, Melanie and were married shortly thereafter. Eventually David joined Dillingham Insurance Group as Vice President, retiring in 2017. David is active in the community serving on various boards including: CASA, Grand National Quail Club, Enid Rotary Club, Metropolitan Area Planning Commission, Public Arts Commission, and 911 Board. Currently, David is the City Commissioner for Ward 6 in Enid. David and Melanie have 5 sons and one daughter-in-law.

Platform Issues


As a former teacher, David understands more than anyone the challenges facing our education system. When elected, David will fight for higher teacher pay while ensuring taxes are not increased. Far too often legislators at the capitol beat their chests in victory on education reform- guess what- we haven’t done enough. We are hiring a record number of emergency certified teachers because our best talent is moving elsewhere. It is time that we incentivize going to work in Oklahoma schools. David will not accept the status quo in education reform anymore.


Northwest Oklahoma is incredibly blessed by the natural resources lying far below our feet. They help put food on many of our tables and fund core services in our state. But time and time again we are surprised the negative effect of a dip in the price of oil. We must make a better effort at recruiting high paying jobs to the region. David will use his experience as a job creator to lead the charge to diversify Northwest Oklahoma’s economy.


Rural communities across Oklahoma are facing many challenges when it comes to providing affordable healthcare to their citizens. Northwest Oklahoma is no different. We must work to not only keep rural hospitals and clinics open, but to also ensure that their services are provided at an affordable rate. David will use his experience in the insurance business to work towards providing affordable and effective solutions to the problems facing our healthcare system. We must begin to think outside the box to solve problems such as this one.