Dave Spaulding

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Candidate Details

OK House District: HD 45

Party Affiliation: Republican










Dave Spaulding is a small business owner and a lifelong native of eastern Cleveland County. He’s a blue-collar guy. Dave runs a sandblasting company. He’s not the kind of person to sit back and let his employees do all the hard work. Dave rolls up his sleeves, gets in there with them, and gets the job done. That’s the kind of legislator Dave will be too. Dave’s Christian faith will always guide his decisions at the Capitol. He strongly supports the Right to Life. Dave is also a lifetime member of the NRA and the President of the Cleveland County chapter of the Oklahoma Second Amendment Association, so he strongly backs Second Amendment rights. Dave supports our local schools and wants to see more dollars reach the classroom, not wasted on bureaucracy.

Dave graduated from the University of Oklahoma with a degree in Multidisciplinary Studies with an emphasis in Constitutional Philosophy and Entrepreneurial Leadership and a minor in Native American Studies. He also a longtime grassroots Republican party leader in Cleveland County. Dave currently runs the Cleveland County Republican Luncheon Club. Dave and his wife, Eve, have four kids. They’re the fifth generation of Dave’s family to live in the east Norman area.