Daniel Pae

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Candidate Details

OK House District: HD 62

Party Affiliation: Republican






(580) 458-1475




Born and raised in Lawton, Daniel is the epitome of the “American Dream.” Daniel’s parents moved to Lawton in 1983 with the belief that they could create a life for themselves. That dream is still alive today and Daniel will work tirelessly to ensure that our community remains a great place to start a business and raise a family.

Daniel understands that being a Lawtonian means being tenacious, pragmatic, and hard-working. As your State Representative, Daniel will work to promote common-sense, practical policies for all Lawtonians.

Because of Daniel’s experience and knowledge with the nuanced governing processes at the local and state levels, Daniel will engage in servant leadership to promote the interests of our community and our state. Daniel will be a voice for Lawton.

Platform Issues


Lawmakers from both parties agree: we have a revenue problem. As a state, we have avoided making tough fiscal decisions because too many politicians have chosen short-term political gains over long-term security. Oklahoma can no longer afford cutting core services: any future budget must take into consideration the need for recurring revenues. That’s not a Republican or Democratic statement—that’s a matter of arithmetic. I will work with both sides of the aisle to help develop a budget that puts the people of Oklahoma first, and I am not going to tolerate delaying these discussions until the last couple of weeks of the legislative session. That’s irresponsible governing, and that’s not what Oklahomans deserve.


As someone who grew up through the public education system, I am extraordinarily grateful for every teacher in this state. They devote their life’s work towards equipping the next generation of students with the skills and knowledge necessary to be competitive for the workforce. Teachers guard our democracy by educating for citizenship and service. Investing in education is common sense—it is the key to promoting social mobility and civic engagement. Unfortunately, the legislature has not increased the salary for Oklahoma’s teachers in more than a decade, which has contributed to a mass exodus of teachers. Our teachers and our children deserve better. I will advocate for a teacher salary increase, and I will challenge my fellow lawmakers to invest in education.


The dynamic relationship between Lawton and Fort Sill is demonstrated by how there is no hyphen that separates “Lawton Fort Sill.” The brave men and women who serve in our military deserve our full appreciation and support. This includes making sure that our veterans receive the care they deserve and continuing to promote a strong partnership between Lawton and Fort Sill. Fort Sill connects Lawton to the world in a unique way—the work done on base protects not just Oklahomans, but all Americans. I will support legislation that protects the resources and services dedicated to our military because I believe that a well-equipped military can protect our community, state, and country.

Small Business

My parents own a local dry-cleaning business, and they have taught me the importance of small businesses for local economic growth and development. Through watching them navigate the oftentimes inefficient and confusing regulatory and tax systems, I have gained an understanding of the hurdles small business owners currently face in Lawton. With this in mind, I will do everything I can to protect small businesses from increased regulation and taxation. Small businesses are the economic fabric of our city—employing our neighbors, providing services, and keeping dollars in the community. I will sponsor legislation that promotes small business growth because successful small businesses are at the core of a successful Lawton.