Cody Rogers

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Candidate Details

OK Senate District: SD 37

Party Affiliation: Republican




(918) 951-9300



Cody Rogers is seeking re-election for Senate District 37. As a politician, Rogers says that he has supported President Trump from day one and will continue to support him. He believes that small business ownership fuels Oklahoma’s economy. If elected, he is prepared to propose solutions on day one that reduce regulations, including those that are currently contributing to infrastructure challenges across Oklahoma. Rogers also believes that we must secure the border and end illegal immigration. He will support efforts in our state to block any sanctuary status, end chain migration, and will strongly support state and federal law enforcement professionals in their efforts to keep communities safe. Rogers is also pro-life and 100% in support of our right to keep & bear arms. Additionally, Rogers will work to lower prescription drug costs and support innovative solutions to keep our seniors thriving in their sunset years. He also believes that education is the key to breaking the cycle of poverty, and that our economy could see a ten-fold return on investment by treating our children’s education as a top priority. And not just K-12, but also by promoting trade schools that could bring new industries into the state and build a robust workforce. Rogers also says he is the only candidate in this race to pledge no out of state special interest campaign contributions.