Chris Emerson

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Candidate Details

OK Senate District: SD 37

Party Affiliation: Republican




Dr. Chris Emerson is a man of faith and family. A devoted husband and proud father of nine children, Chris leads from an “I’m third” mindset, meaning God first, others second, and himself third. He is an accomplished Physician Anesthesiologist who has given his life to serving people, both in Oklahoma, and on surgical mission trips abroad.

Chris met and started dating his wife, Amy in college, and they have been sweethearts ever since. The couple is blessed to be parents of nine children: Michael (26), Sarah (24), Stephen (21), Rachel (20), Daniel (17), Rebecca (15), David (13), Matthew (10) and Hannah (7). At times, life in the Emerson home can be a bit of “organized chaos”, but Chris and Amy know it’s God’s blessing to love and raise an extraordinarily large family.

Dr. Emerson chose medicine because he likes to help people. Even as a young child attending summer camp — while all the other boys brought pocket knives and toys — Chris chose a first-aid kit, just in case someone got hurt and needed assistance. Now it’s Oklahoma’s turn to benefit from Dr. Emerson’s compassion and vision for a better, healthier tomorrow.

Dr. Emerson grew up in a family that loved camping, hunting, and fishing. He, in turn, has taught his children to appreciate the outdoors, encouraging them to “always strive to leave a place better than they found it”. Chris is an Assistant Scoutmaster in Troop 252, and all of his boys are Eagle Scouts or on their way to achieving the rank.

He and Amy have primarily homeschooled their children and have also utilized public and private school, exercising their parental choice in education. Chris loves God, his wife, his family and the great State of Oklahoma.

The Emersons are active members of the Church at Jenks.

Platform Issues

Fighting for a Healthier State

On almost every ranking of the country’s healthiest states, Oklahoma is near the bottom. Obesity is at all-time highs, tobacco use remains prevalent, cardiovascular deaths are on the rise, and mental health issues frequently go unaddressed. Moreover, too many Oklahomans remain uninsured. Dr. Chris Emerson will be a knowledgeable, compassionate voice for a better, healthier tomorrow.


Dr. Emerson believes unlocking the promise of higher, better paying jobs is the foundation for improving Oklahoma. More economic opportunity translates into additional funding for public education, healthcare, public safety and infrastructure. It also means we can lower taxes and return money into the hands of families to spend and further stimulate the economy, while still taking care of those less fortunate.


Dr. Emerson is a strong supporter of public education. With a large family, the he knows the importance of understanding the learning style of each individual child. Chris and his wife, Amy, have utilized public, private, and homeschooling to achieve their objectives. The nine Emerson kids are living examples of their successes and demonstrate the importance of parental choice. Chris believes all children should have the opportunities that education affords them.


Dr. Chris Emerson is strongly pro-life, as he believes all life is a gift from God. He is an avid hunter and gun owner, and a defender of the Second Amendment. Chris is a commonsense conservative who believes in our traditional American values of personal responsibility, limited government and upholding the rule of law.