Butler Brady

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Candidate Details

OK Senate District: SD 26

Party Affiliation: Republican










Brady Butler is a product of western Oklahoma and is thankful to call this place home. Born in Weatherford and raised in Hinton, he has lived and worked in the area his entire life. Growing up, Brady excelled at athletics; baseball was one of his favorite pastimes. He graduated from Lookeba-Sickles High School. After graduating, he worked various blue-collar jobs, eventually landing in the oil and gas industry working as a pumper. In time, he started his own company called Struck Rock Oil and Gas (Exodus 17:1-7; I Corinthians 10:4), which owns and operates oil and gas wells in the area.

Brady loves the independence and satisfaction that come from using his God-given talents to provide for his family by running his own business. He believes that it’s God’s intention that those who work hard to develop their talents should reap the rewards of their honest labor. This is something he wants for his fellow Oklahomans. Through the experience of starting and running his own business, Brady has become thoroughly familiar with the impediments to success in the form of burdensome taxation and regulation.

Brady says the defining moment in his life came during his 22nd year when the Lord saved him and totally changed the direction of his life. From then on, it has been his passion to follow Jesus Christ and live by His Word. Brady loves to tell people about his Savior and what He can do for them. Next to the Lord, Brady’s greatest love is his family. He and his wife Bethany will celebrate ten years of marriage this year and enjoy homeschooling their children. They have seven beautiful children and live near Fay. The Butlers attend Trinity Baptist Church in Weatherford.