Bill Coleman

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Candidate Details

OK Senate District: SD 10

Party Affiliation: Republican







Bill graduated from Pawhuska High School. He and his wife, Helen raised their three children in Ponca City where they attended public school. Bill owns and operates Team Radio Marketing Group, a family of five North Central radio stations. He offices in the historic Poncan Theater. Bill knows what it takes to create jobs, balance budgets and deal with regulation. Helen is a former teacher. Bill’s commitment to our local communities runs deep and wide. From his chairmanship of the Ponca City Area Chamber of Commerce to the free airtime he donates to local schools and non-profit groups, Bill has invested his time, talents and energy helping build a brighter future for North Central Oklahoma. Bill’s industry peers have recognized his leadership ability. Bill is the past Chairman of the Oklahoma Association of Broadcasters and past Board member of the National Association of Broadcasters.