April Brown

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Candidate Details

OK House District: HD 48

Party Affiliation: Republican






(405) 668-0800




April served in the Oklahoma National Guard before going Active duty in the Army. She served as a truck driver and also ran the administrative duties for her company. She was tasked with assignments usually assigned to a Junior Officer. After her time in the military, she became a secretary for the Department of Defense Schools (DODS) and then transferred to a position as a Brigade Commander’s Secretary with the DOD. She appreciates, respect and honor all service members and the sacrifices the whole family makes while their loved one serves. She is married to a wonderful man, and they’ll soon celebrate our 21st anniversary. Her husband served this great country for 22 years in the Army and is now an ordained pastor and a public school teacher here in Oklahoma. They are the parents of four beautiful daughters. April has been blessed with the honor to homeschool all 4 of her daughters.