Anita Raglin

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Candidate Details

OK House District: HD 36

Party Affiliation: Republican






Anita went to Choctaw High School. She married her husband, David, 42 years ago and moved to Harrah, where they still live today. For 24 years, the Raglins have owned Authentic Plastering Inc., a construction firm with about 25 employees. Their clients have ranged from large businesses to residential customers like Bob Stoops. Anita handles the company’s accounting and office work. Anita attends Choctaw Road Baptist Church. The Raglin family has been invested in our community for generations. Anita’s father-in-law, James, was a longtime Vice Principal at Harrah High School and a deacon at Harrah First Baptist for 50 years.

Anita is not a career politician. She’s tired of being represented by the same old political insiders who owe favors to special interests. Anita is not accepting lobbyist or PAC donations in this race. The only people Anita will owe will be the voters in her district.