Alex Scott

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Candidate Details

OK Senate District: SD 15

Party Affiliation: Democrat





Alex is a 7th generation Oklahoman, a former public school teacher, and an active community organizer.

She graduated from the University of Oklahoma with a B.A. in Classical Studies and a Master’s of Public Administration. She began her career teaching Latin at Moore Public Schools, where she realized how our state severely under funds not only our education system, but also our public services as a whole. Her frustration inspired her to get involved with the Oklahoma Education Association. Scott was trained at the NEA’s annual leadership summit to be an advocate and activist for educational policy changes, and applied her training through canvassing, conducting listening tours, and lobbying legislators. While she was financially unable to continue teaching, Alex continued serving her community as the CD4 Chair for the Oklahoma Democratic Party.

In 2018, she became the youngest Norman City Council member to ever serve, ousting a well-funded incumbent on a shoestring budget and grassroots power. Serving on the council equipped her with sound budgeting practices and a passion for helping her community. Scott witnessed firsthand our state’s tendency to preempt municipal legislation and strip them of their authority, and believes this practice must be stopped. She is ready to Change the Oklahoma Standard by restoring balance back to our budget and back to our people.

It is time that Oklahoma values are truly represented. We must protect our water and land from special interests, fight for educational equality, demand quality healthcare, and reform tax policies. Alex says, she is the candidate who will fight for these values that will make Oklahoma prosperous.

Platform Issues


It is absolutely necessary for Oklahoma to take advantage of the capital available for solar and wind energy. We can be a top producer for both if only the right people in the right offices pushed for changes that would benefit our state for the long term. Alex is that person. It is also critical that we have representatives who will protect our water, both in quality and ownership.

Education Reform

Education is a Right, not a Privilege. Alex supports increased funding towards Public education. As a former teacher, she knows the struggles of students and teachers inside the classroom. Alex believes that we must provide all students with equal and equitable opportunities for the acquisition and application of knowledge.


Healthcare is a Right, not a Privilege. Alex will fight for lower costs to Oklahoma patients, since pharmaceutical and insurance companies are hell-bent on driving up drug prices. She supports Medicaid expansion and caps on drug prices, especially those that are necessary to the survival of many, like insulin.


Working Oklahomans stay true to our state's motto, “Labor Omnia Vincit,” (Work Conquers All), but contrarily, our current legislature continues to put corporate profits over the public welfare. Oklahoma is one of the top 10 states in tax inequality. Alex believes in providing tax equity by restoring the Earned Income Tax Credit and pushing for progressive tax reform. She will fight for Retirement as a Right, a $15 minimum wage, and she will demand that OK repeal the anti-labor, "Right to Work" law.