A voter guide released by CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations)-Oklahomaearlier this month has started to get attention by non-Muslims, some who question motives and patriotism.

It doesn’t faze me.

Last weekend, I was invited to a workshop titled “How to Vote Your Catholic Conscience This Election Year.”

A quick online search shows a variety of groups with Christian-based voting guides — here, here, here, here, here and here.

All religious faiths have leaders putting a perspective on public affairs.

Muslim people have the same right to examine their religious teachings to guide their vote. The effort to encourage voting among Muslim people is the MuslimsVOTEinitiative, which uses #CAIR2Vote on social media.

The initiative has three goals: educating Oklahoma Muslims about the major issues, engaging with elected officials and empowering voters for significant and lasting change in communities.

Before making any judgment, read the CAIR-Oklahoma guide. You’ll find a well-balanced look at the state issues to be decided and answers to common questions about voting.

The CAIR-Oklahoma guide provides an overview of state questions, explanations of each side of the debate and a recommendation.

For some, like one dealing with the death penalty or reclassifying crimes, the group makes a stand. On others, such as the proposal for a sales tax increase for education or modernization of alcohol laws, it suggests voting “your conscience.”

It also includes information on what to bring the polls.

No endorsements on individual races are included or made.

Each person has an individual journey in faith and how that intersects with our American, secular society.

A voter guide is just a guide.