2016 VOTER Guide Introduction from CAIR-OK’S Government Affairs Coordinator

This election cycle has corresponded to one of the highest increases in Islamophobia we have seen since 9/11. We have been assaulted, our businesses and mosques have been vandalized, and anti-Islam rallies have taken place across the state.

At the state level, we have seen our legislature fail to pass a budget that responsibly funds essential state programs such as education, mental health services, and support for singleparent families. These diminishing services are crucial to communities around Oklahoma and have a significant impact on the stability of our entire state. We must hold our elected officials accountable for creating responsible budget policy that does not result in a diminished quality of life for our state’s most impoverished citizens.

This November, it is all on the line. Muslims in Oklahoma and across the country are taking a stand for the issues most important to us, and against hatred and bigotry in all its forms – starting at the ballot box. CAIR Oklahoma (CAIR-OK) is excited to be a part of MuslimsVOTE, an initiative for Muslims across America to get more active and engaged within our communities by increasing voter turnout among American Muslims.

The MuslimsVOTE initiative has three goals for our community: educating Oklahoma Muslims about the major issues facing our state and our nation; engaging with our elected officials; and empowering you to make significant and lasting change in your community.

We created this voter guide with the Oklahoma Muslim voter in mind. Many of you have come to us with questions not just about the voting process but also about how to find information about your local candidates and other ballot initiatives. In this guide, you’ll find information about State Questions, how to find out who your candidates are locally, and the easiest and quickest way to make sure your vote is counted on Election Day.

As we approach November 8, 2016, we are all trying to find ways to have our voices heard in a time of significant fear and uncertainty. The only question that remains is: what will you do?

Best wishes,
Anna Facci
Government Affairs Coordinator