Junior Macee Beheler and MSA event coordinator Natasha Saya organized a peace rally and interfaith prayer circle to denounce islamophobia on OU’s campus.

Beheler said the rally was to show support for the Muslim community at OU during the difficult time following the Paris attacks on Nov. 13.

The peace rally consisted of several speakers including Beheler, Hillel Executive Director Suzy Sostrin, SGA President Daniel Pae and Vice President Michael Lutter, MSA President Mohsain Gill. Although he was not present, President David Boren sent a statement that Beheler read.

Boren’s statement said, “I commend all of those gathered here today for the cause of a safer world and a more inclusive community of people of all faiths and backgrounds at our university and in our state.”

Pae said he supports a more accepting and unified campus. He said in the days following the Paris attacks, a hateful rhetoric began about the Muslim community which extends across the country, a rhetoric he does not support.

Gill spoke about the Quran, the Muslim prophet Muhammad and the differences between the beliefs of ISIS and the Muslim religion.

“Our profit Mohamed says that whoever kills a non-believer is that he will never smell the whiffs of heaven… So how can ISIS be Muslim?” Gill said.

The final speaker was Mujahid Egan, who led the rally in a prayer in Arabic about inclusivity and acceptance.

After the speakers, everyone gathered and began a walk around campus that started in the South Oval and passed Boren’s office.