Masood Abdul-Haqq is co-owner and COO of Peace of Mind Pediatrics (POMP), a primary healthcare clinic group for families with children. He learned about business by selling t-shirts on the beach during spring break and beads on Bourbon Street during Mardi Gras. Then by launching a t-shirt company with friends that grew to become a multi-million-dollar clothing brand. And finally, by working his way from front desk to General Manager at several Hilton Hotels properties.

Masood married his wife Dr. Jihan in 2009. In 2015, the couple combined powers when they opened POMP, an evidence-based medical facility with award-winning hospitality. In 2018, Masood obtained a Bachelor’s in Business Law from the University of Central Oklahoma.

Masood serves as Chairman at Masjid Mu’min, Oklahoma’s first mosque. There, he also teaches a Qur’an memorization class and spearheads the Oasis Project, a 6,000 square foot commercial project that will increase social capital on the Eastside of OKC for years to come.

An accomplished speaker and writer, in February of 2021, Masood published an acclaimed essay series entitled The Giants in My Midst. It will be available as a book in May of 2022.

Masood and Dr. Jihan live in Oklahoma City with their 3 amazing children.