Welcome to the Ramadan Toolkit presented by the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR). As the blessed month of Ramadan approaches, CAIR is dedicated to supporting Muslim employees and students in navigating requests for time off and accommodations during this sacred time. Additionally, we recognize the importance of fostering an inclusive environment that celebrates Ramadan and Eid within local communities.

Requesting Accommodations: Each year, CAIR diligently produces resources tailored to assist individuals in understanding their rights and advocating for necessary accommodations during Ramadan. Whether it is scheduling adjustments, access to prayer spaces, or understanding religious observances, our toolkit aims to empower individuals to navigate these conversations with confidence and clarity.

Introducing Celebratory Resolutions: As part of our commitment to community engagement and civic participation, CAIR traditionally offers resources on crafting template resolutions for Muslim community members to present to local and state officials. These resolutions serve to welcome and celebrate Ramadan and Eid, fostering a spirit of inclusivity and understanding within diverse communities.

In this new Ramadan Toolkit, CAIR is proud to compile all these resources in one comprehensive guide for the first time. We believe that by providing these tools, we can enhance awareness, promote understanding, and facilitate meaningful participation in Ramadan and Eid celebrations.

We invite you to explore this toolkit, utilize its resources, and join us in creating environments that respect and honor the religious traditions of all individuals. Together, let us ensure that Ramadan and Eid are times of unity, reflection, and joy for all.