The Gaza genocide is an urgent humanitarian disaster that requires immediate international attention. After enduring a 16-year economic blockade imposed by the Israeli government, the people of Gaza now face the open threat of ethnic cleansing and genocide. As U.S. citizens and residents, our tax contributions fund this crisis, imparting upon us a direct responsibility to implore our elected officials to refrain from financing Israel’s continuing pursuits of genocide, apartheid, and occupation. As global citizens, it remains our moral duty to consistently advocate for peace and justice wherever they are needed in the world. This toolkit developed by CAIR is to equip you with comprehensive resources for engaging with local city, county, school board, and state legislative representatives. It aims to facilitate meetings where you can educate these officials about the violence against civilians in Gaza and advocate for adopting declaratory statements and resolutions promoting a permanent ceasefire and the pursuit of a just, lasting peace. Covering everything from understanding the roles and functions of state and local governments to offering practical tips for organizing meetings, attending town hall sessions, and effectively utilizing factsheets to support resolutions, this resource serves as a thorough guide for active civic engagement. Participating in these local actions and dialogues ensures that our community’s needs and values are being considered in decision-making processes, fostering a more responsive and accountable governance structure at the grassroots level.