The information in this booklet is designed to assist you in having a better understanding of the Islamic faith and Muslim community in Oklahoma. It is intended as a general outline of religious practices and beliefs; individual applications of these observances may vary.

According to demographers, Islam is the world’s second largest faith, with more than 1.6 billion adherents worldwide.1 It is the fastest-growing religion in the U.S., with one of the most diverse and dynamic communities, representing a variety of ethnic backgrounds, languages, and nationalities.

The Oklahoma Muslim community has been a part of the beautiful fabric of Oklahoma society for more than 50 years, beginning with the founding of what is now Masjid Mu’min (Mosque of the Believer) in the early 1960s. Over the next two decades, the influx of international students from Muslim nations led to the founding of mosques in college towns like Stillwater, Norman, and Edmond. In the 1990s, the Oklahoma Muslim community continued to build community infrastructure by establishing the Islamic Societies of Greater Oklahoma City and Tulsa, arguably two of the most influential Muslim community centers in the state’s history. Additionally, it was during this time that humble Islamic schools were established in both the Oklahoma City and Tulsa metropolitan areas which eventually grew into K-12 institutions that rival the best academic institutions in the state.

In the last twenty years, the Oklahoma Muslim community has become more engaged and, as a result, more visible in all aspects of life in our state. Whether they are curing cancer, educating our young, or serving authentic culinary creations from their restaurants, the positive impact that Muslims have had on our state is undeniable. From providing important social services such as food pantries and free medical clinics, to engaging in efforts with relief agencies and assisting Oklahoma’s vulnerable, the Muslim community has not only lived up to the Oklahoma standard, they are the Oklahoma standard.