The 2023 Annual Report summarizes and showcases CAIR Oklahoma’s community-based work over the last year and includes important information related to all our departments.

2023 was the first year in which the CAIR Oklahoma team was able to implement our new vision for building a better Oklahoma based on our new five-year strategic plan. This plan was built using the feedback of our staff, board of directors, donors, volunteers, and community members. While a challenging process at times, the results were worth the sacrifice as we came to the following conclusions.

CAIR Oklahoma cares about Oklahoma as we strive to be…

  • An organization focused on justice and equity through a system of principled and trustworthy programs, including legislative advocacy, proactive lobbying and education, expert refugee resettlement, and other programs benefitting the Oklahoma Muslim community.
  • Highly recognized through a communication strategy that highlights not only the impact of programs but the wealth of opportunities at CAIR Oklahoma for partnership to improve Oklahoma as a state.
  • A trusted seat at the table for all types of convenings, not just those involving only Muslims, and an instigating convener for crucial conversations in Oklahoma.
  • Providers of valuable services – particularly for civil and immigrant rights – that would otherwise be inaccessible to the Oklahoma Muslim community.

Our ultimate goal is to be an organization that builds a future beyond Islamophobia for Muslims in Oklahoma and one in which future generations can thrive. We dream of a future in which Muslim children will not only be accepted for who they are but celebrated as a part of the diversity that makes our state and country stronger. To that end, we are committed to working day and night to do all we can to see that dream become a reality, and your generous support continues to propel our work.

We hope you find the annual report to be informative and uplifting as we work to build this vision together.