This 2018 Candidate Guide was created with the Oklahoma Muslim community in mind, in order that you may have the tools and resources available to be an informed and confident voter in the November election.

In 2018 a record number of citizens filed to run for office. We narrowed it down, reaching out only to candidates running in districts identified as having a higher concentration of Muslim voters. We asked their stances on issues of immigration, budget, bullying, hate crimes, and education. We were working with an aggressive timeline in order to get this guide to you in time to help you make educated decisions for the election (November 6th). Thus, some candidates did not have the time to answer all of our questions. This is not necessarily a statement on their support or opposition to CAIR or the Muslim community.

Our goal as your is to encourage diversity and equity at our legislature; in both representation and in legislation. Prosperity, innovation and art all wither in environments
of homogeny. The great challenge put before humanity is not just to “tolerate,” but to accept and embrace those different from ourselves as our brothers and sisters. Oklahoma is home to many walks of life, each having their own view of the divine.

We hope you find this guide valuable as you exercise your right to vote and engage in the political process.

Additionally, you can always reach out to us directly at for guidance, support, and encouragement as we advocate together for our rights and issues that are important to all Oklahomans.