Over the past year, CAIR-OK has worked diligently to serve the Muslim and other minority communities in the areas of civil liberties and social justice. We are grateful that our supporters and friends have worked together to advance our initiatives enthusiastically and sincerely.

It is in this spirit that we embark on a new era of hope, focusing on our role to be a force in shaping our future. The American Muslim community is still challenged by prejudice, discrimination, Islamophobia, and hate crimes by some extremists who seek to divide Americans by spreading fear and hatred of Muslims. It is through our collaborative efforts that we have established relationships that promote freedom, justice, and equality for all, thereby aggressively meeting the challenge to minimize the negative images of CAIR and the greater Muslim Community. We have a proven track record of constructive interaction on every level of the community and we will continue to advance the reality that this is one America and that we all are a part of the fabric of this great society.