CAIR Oklahoma’s Voice Your Vote Campaign draws upon our nation’s constitution and political process to elevate political activism in our communities. The program provides Oklahomans with the tools to become more aware, engaged, and represented in the political process.

The Voice Your Vote Campaign will mobilize the electorate in 2012 with special events and meetings with elected officials, and uniquely accessible voter registration and education materials. CAIR Oklahoma’s Voice Your Vote 2012 Voter Registration Campaign seeks to empower the Oklahoma Muslim community by providing general information on the voter registration process and by carrying out voter registration drives. Registering to vote is the civic duty of every eligible United States citizen and is an exercise of our constitutional rights.

Registering to vote in the U.S. is the process by which a citizen affirms their legal right and eligibility within the state of their residence to participate in local, county, state, and federal elections. It is important for Oklahoma Muslims, and all American Muslims, to register to vote and participate in the political process because it is an expression of our political rights and ability to impact the decision of elected officials.