This week was a win for indigenous peoples with the passing of Ida’s Law (HB 172), authored by Sen. Rosino and Rep. Walke. This bill establishes a liaison office with OSBI to assist in the investigation of Missing and Murdered Indigenous Peoples. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention has reported that murder is the third-leading cause of death among American Indian and Alaska Native women and that rates of violence on reservations can be up to ten times higher than the national average. The creation of this liaison office is integral to addressing this epidemic.

Freedom of Speech took a hit this week with HB 1674 making its way to the Governor’s desk. HB 1674 removes any criminal and civil liability for injuring or killing a protester with a motor vehicle. This is one of many bills filed across the united states attempting to discourage peaceful protest and silence the voice of the people. CAIR-OK issued a press statement urging the Governor to veto this bill.

HB 1643 also known as the “anti-doxing” bill, makes it illegal to publicly post information about a police officer or public officials even if they are violating your rights. This coming on the heels of the murder of Duante Wright and the trial of Derek Chauvin. Not only is this a statement against black lives, but an incredibly tone-deaf piece of legislation to make its way through.

HB 1674; Rep. West & Sen. Standridge
Removes criminal and civil liability for injuring or killing a protester with a motor vehicle.
The bill passed: 34 ayes; 10 nays

SB 172; Sen. Rosino & Rep. Walke
Ida’s Law. Establishes a liaison office within OSBI to assist in the investigation of murdered and indigenous women
The bill passed: 89 ayes; 4 nays

HB 1751; Rep. Crosswhite-Hader and Sen. Rader
Additional information required while registering for candidacy.
The bill passed: 37 ayes; 10 nays

Police and Criminal Justice Reform:
HB 1643; Sen. Bullard and Rep. Humphrey
Anti-doxing bill. Makes it illegal to expose cops when they violate your rights.
The bill passed: 39 ayes; 8 nays

HB 1633; Rep. Hardin and Sen. Bergstrom
Currently county jails are not responsible for pre-existing conditions of inmates. This bill adds intentional self-inflicted wounds to the list of pre-existing conditions that the county will not pay for.
The bill was laid over

HB 1880; Rep. West and Sen. Jech
Creates a restorative justice system that is an alternative sentencing program intended for nonviolent offenders and is victim centered; victims must give permission for individuals to enter into the program. DOC has agreed to seek federal funding for the program.
The bill passed: 44 ayes; 0 nays

HB 1753; Rep. Crosswhite-Hader and Sen. Haste
A clean-up language bill. Requested by DOC and the Department of Mental Health. Currently the law requires that the Department of Mental Health provide a psychiatrist for the DOC. DOC employs their own psychiatrist and medical staff. Dept of Mental Health has not provided a psychiatrist to DOC in over 40 years.
The bill passed: 45 ayes; 0 nays