A Muslim group in Tulsa is working to help the homeless and refugee women in the community.

Muslims4Mercy started a few months ago and aims to make a positive impact in the community.

Leaders say they are partnering with local restaurants starting in the fall to take out a “mercy on wheels” van that will deliver food to about 100 homeless people every week after Friday prayer.

The group also plans to open “Mercy Café,” a non-profit restaurant.

They say they eventually want to turn the restaurant into a for-profit restaurant.

The project is set to help women, especially refugee women who have come to the country and do not have a job right away.

Leaders say victims of domestic violence will also have a chance to be employed at the kitchen.

They hope the programs will have a large impact on Tulsa and send a message of love and support.

The group is also accepting donations to fill up their van to take to the Houston area Saturday to help those affected by Hurricane Harvey.

Original Print Headline: Muslim Group Aims to Make Big Impact With Tulsa Projects