If you or your child attends a public school, you may be able to get religious accommodations during the month of Ramadan. Common accommodations for students who are fasting during Ramadan include:

  • Being excused from strenuous physical activity, especially outside during hot months.
  • Being excused from class for Eid or other religious holidays.
  • Breaks during the day for prayer as well as for iftar if classes are late in the day.
  • Being excused from lunch to go to the library or take a nap.

You also have the right to have day-to-day religious practices respected, such as wearing religious clothing, taking breaks for prayer during the day, and having student-led prayers or groups on campus.

If important tests, exams, or other projects coincide with Ramadan or Eid, you may be able to take them at another time or under other circumstances. However, this is best done well in advance of the testing time!

In order to ensure that your rights in the classroom are protected, a good relationship with your teachers, administrators, and school leadership is very important. Start the conversation early, at the beginning of the term or the school year, to make sure there is plenty of time to work things out. We recommend sharing our Educator’s Guide to Islamic Religious Practices as a resource for your teachers and school administrators.

For assistance or questions on requesting religious accommodations, please contact the CAIR Oklahoma Civil Rights Department at info@ok.cair.com or using our convenient online reporting form at cairoklahoma.com/request-legal-help