A recent gruesome workplace attack and murder in Moore, Oklahoma has been the cause of sorrow, anger, and tension.

Due to the cruel manner in which the perpetrator attacked his coworkers, there is a suspicion about links to terrorism. At the same time there have been questions about the integrity of the whole Muslim community of Oklahoma.

Muslims fully support the ongoing proceeding and investigation against this criminal. Law enforcement and FBI should be commended for handling this case in a very professional, unbiased, and fair manner. The coverage in the local media and newspapers has been fair and balanced. There should be due vigilance as advised by the Gov. Fallin

If some of our lawmakers wish to look at the law and order situation, it is acceptable, as long as it addresses work place safety, review of the parole regulations, and policies on tracking violent criminals.

The Muslim community in Oklahoma is dealing with dual stress; first, it has to cope with the anguish of the crime by an individual who violated the safety of his fellow citizens. Second it has to deal with the burden of suspicion due to the actions of one criminal who reportedly associated himself with the community.

Any attempt to judge the faith of one and a half billion people, and the entire Muslim community in Oklahoma based on the actions of a criminal is not only unjustified, but also an insult to the intellectual abilities of the people of the great state of Oklahoma.

I have faith in my fellow Oklahomans to differentiate facts from opinions. Muslims have been in Oklahoma for decades. As a group, Muslims represent all the values of our great state. Muslims have made significant contributions in academics, medicine, business, and other social sectors in Oklahoma. Muslim charities were among the first to be on the ground in Moore, OK during the Tornado disaster last year to help their fellow citizens.

Islam teaches Muslims to support strong family values, hard work, stand against alcoholism, drug addiction, and other social ills, and to be good responsible members of the community

The Muslim community has joined the rest of the public in media, social websites, and national TV channels to condemn the violence that happened in Moore, take a stand against terrorism, and pay condolences to the families impacted by this tragedy.

Muslims in Oklahoma are thankful to all organizations and individuals who showed their support.

As we deal with the traumatic after effects of this horrendous crime, it is also an opportunity for the people of this great state of Oklahoma to come together in a difficult time. We need reach out to one and other across the boundaries of faith.