Prayer Accommodations Video: CAIR Oklahoma, Putnam City Schools, and Oklahoma City Public Schools

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During Fall 2023, CAIR Oklahoma met with administrators and staff of Putnam City Schools and Oklahoma City Public Schools to learn more about concerns with prayer accommodations for Muslim students. We received questions from both school districts who wanted to make sure they were allowing appropriate solutions to prayer during the school day – accommodations that satisfied Islamic principles and didn’t cause an undue burden on teachers and staff. 

One of the primary concerns was the time that prayer occurs during the school day – many newcomers resettled in Oklahoma City from Muslim-majority countries where public life is organized around Islamic principles, including prayer, fasting, and religious holidays. CAIR Oklahoma provided information for both newcomers and administrators to better understand legal protections and reasonable accommodations.  

In consultation with Imam Imad Enchassi (Senior Imam of Islamic Society of Greater Oklahoma City and Chair of Islamic Studies at Oklahoma City University), we created a video intended for both school staff and Muslim newcomer families. It is available in English, Pashto, and Dari, and we shared the video with public school districts in the OKC Metro area, as well as our partners working with refugees in Norman, Tulsa, and Stillwater. We’ve also made it available posted on the CAIR Oklahoma Refugee Services webpage. 

Feedback from teachers, staff, and administrators: 

“Thank you… for everything you do to address and accommodate our students’ needs.” 

“We appreciate your efforts to make Tulsa an inclusive city.” 

“You and your team are truly the best!!!” 

“This will be helpful. Thank you for your continued partnership to support our families.” 

“Thank you so very much for this. It is a much-needed support for our teachers and staff.” 

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