OKLAHOMA CITY – If you’re a Thunder fan, a University of Oklahoma student or simply a family proud of this as your home state, you have at least one thing in common with a neighboring American Muslim – that is the message behind a campaign recently launched by a local organization.

“CAIR Oklahoma has launched #TheMuslimNextDoor campaign as a way to challenge Islamophobia by providing a platform for American Muslims to tell their stories,” according to their Facebook page.

The campaign includes photo shoots, a video series, a website and even billboards placed throughout Oklahoma, all showcasing and telling the stories of American Muslims in the community, as well as public forums where people can get to know their Muslim neighbors in person.

The first photo shoot was in March at the Oklahoma City Myriad Botanical Gardens. In addition to sports fans, students and families, it also featured Muslim professionals in healthcare, law and education; a coffee addict and a smiling young boy with special needs – most with a graphic that reads: ‘Okie since’ and a year.

“This campaign will change the perception of Muslims in America one social media post, YouTube share, billboard and forum at a time,” according to their LaunchGood campaign.

The organization is now crowdfunding $25,000 to help finance #TheMuslimNextDoor.