An Oklahoma man is receiving calls threatening to have him, his family and his friends beheaded, all because of his Muslim faith.

Threats like that are sparking fear for many Oklahoma families who now say they’re terrified to reveal they’re Muslims.

It’s a high security alert and even Muslim schools across the state are not allowing children to go outside to play during recess.

A lock down situation for Oklahoma Muslims that stems from comments made by John Rennet, the head of the Republic Party here in Oklahoma.

Men attedning afternoon prayer at the Islamic Society of Greater Oklahoma are on extra alert.

“We have no problem about people expressing concerns about our faith, but when it crosses the line and representative Bennett would make a statement such as Islam is a cancer is in our society that needs to be eliminated, we take that very seriously,” Imam Imad Enchassi, senior Imam at the mosque says.

The comments were made earlier this week in Sallisaw.

“We take no chances, yesterday, our children did not go play outside in the entire state of Oklahoma, we`re on a high rate of alert. We contacted the FBI,” Enchassi says.

“They’re afraid to send their kids to school, they’re afraid to be seen in public, especially women who wear head scarf,” Adam Soltani, executive director for CAIR Oklahoma says.

Today, the organization was making signs for an event when a threatening call came in.

“I got a phone call from a man who asked if this was CAIR, yes, asked if I was the director, I said yes and said, I think you should be beheaded and I think all Muslims should be beheaded and I’m shocked!” Soltani said.

Shock and dear that trickles down to his family.

Do you have children, we asked Soltani. “I do, I have a 2-year-old son,” he responded.

“I still worry that my son is going to grow up and face ridicule, face bullying and face challenges because of his faith,” Soltani says.

A Faith these believers say is tainted by a minority of radicals and an elected official speaking out against their faith.

“He [John Bennett] claims to be a Christian, so act like Jesus, the way he’s acting is really contrary to the Jesus I know,” Enchassi said.

We tried contacting Bennett at his multiple offices for comment. He has not returned our phone calls.

The event CAIR is planning is a peaceful protest at Penn Square Mall Friday beginning at 4 pm. It’s Oklahoma Muslims against ISIS. For more information click here.