OKLAHOMA CITY – More than 1,000 people who sought refuge from Afghanistan are now calling the Sooner State their home, and that number continues to grow.
About 70 more refugees are expected to come to the Oklahoma City metro in the coming days.

Refugees from Afghanistan started to make a new life in Oklahoma in early September.

After the newest group touches down, the number of refugees will reach more than 1,100 across the state.

“More than 50% of the refugees that have come to Oklahoma are also children under the age of 18,” said CAIR Oklahoma Executive Director Adam Soltani.

People of all ages are in different stages of their new lives; but as Oklahomans prep for another cold winter, it’s a first for refugees.

“Warm coat, a blanket, socks, gloves, hats, things that will keep them warm and cozy at times. Especially with some of them using their own two feet as their transportation mode,” said Soltani.

Another hurdle refugees face is the lack of transportation.

“Which is challenging in a state like Oklahoma because there’s a process, right, to get a driver’s license,” Soltani said. “When you’re not mobile, you’re relying on the people you’re living around and people to transport you.”

CAIR is looking for volunteers to help drive refugees to appointments, among other volunteer opportunities.