The “Oklahoma Muslims Against ISIS Rally” in Oklahoma City was well-attended and largely well-received by passing motorists on Friday afternoon, as local Muslims and their allies held signs saying everything from “ISLAM IS PEACE” to “MUSLIMS (heart) OKC.”

But the majority of signs held by the pro-peace crowd at Northwest Expressway and Pennsylvania Avenue by Penn Square Mall, were to drive the point home that terrorist group ISIS is not a representation of Islam, as some held the sign saying “ISIS DOES NOT REPRESENT ME!”

The rally was largely led by CAIR-OK and their executive director Adam Soltani and Imam Imad
Enchassi. Both have spoken out against Republican legislator John Bennett of Sallisaw, who recently made very bigoted and inflammatory remarks against Muslim Americans and has since refused to back down or apologize for his hurtful, hateful statements.

Some Republican activists have publicly denounced Bennett’s statements and the tacit support of Bennett’s statements by Dave Weston, chairman of the Oklahoma Republican Party.

Red Dirt Report has reported on the worsening situation involving ISIS and America’s plans to stop them, or, in the words of Vice-President Joe Biden: Follow them to the gates of hell! This, of course, will mean more war in the Middle East tinderbox.

Red Dirt Report’s Jennifer James was at the well-traveled street corner and took a number of pictures for this website. Please view the photo gallery linked to this story.