People from around the area gathered at the Fellowship Congregational United Church of Christ Sunday to take part in a photo shoot supporting a global peace campaign.

The Islamic Society of Tulsa started the viral campaign called, “The Peace Project” last week.

Supporters from around the world are using #istandforpeace to take part in the movement.

“We just wanted to put a positive message out there with all of the hate that is going around and so we figured what better than a social media campaign,” said Aliye Shimi, Director of Outreach at the Islamic Society of Tulsa.

The Peace Project gives anyone, no matter their background, the chance to stand and pose with a sign that states their name along with their occupation or a characteristic and the hashtag.

This is the second photo shoot the organization has held.

Their next one will take place at the Boston Avenue Church located in downtown Tulsa on Dec. 20.